June 01, 2009

California Sunshine

Finally made it back from Cali, but my brain is still on vacation I guess that's the reason for why the lack of blog post and designs lately. But I must say what an experience it was to return home. Most don't Even know this about me but San Diego California is my birthplace, and I always keep it in my heart it’s made me into the man you see before you today. With saying that I haven't been back to this place I called home in 8 years I left when I was 12 years old and never came back until now. Its funny how you are changing but everything else around you is still the same. During the past 8 years I’ve always wonder how has San Diego changed how are my friends different, is it a whole nother world out there, but to my surprise nothing has changed at all for the most part. Yeah some minor things have changed but that’s only natural. So Many memories I have at this place, and it seems like I was living in a constant flashback from chilling on the beach to living in my old house. I will forever cherish these memories, but for now I’m focused on the future its good to re visit your past, but don’t dwell on it too long because life might pass you by. As I say that back to reality I go.

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