April 17, 2009


Be open minded that is one thing that I can't stress enough. Don't be afraid of new things, be open to obtaining new knowledge. When you were baby you took in knowledge from everywhere soaking it in like a sponge sub consciously, so why would you stop now. It seems like everyone has a filter for there mind. today some are so closed minded that they won't embrace new ideas and perspectives. I believe that we are supposed to continuously update ourselves with knowledge of the world, self, spirituality etc. Why should we succumb to old ways and rituals. I guess I can say this here GET WITH THE TIMES its 2009 don't be scared of change don't be scared to intake new knowledge and new ideas, we shouldn't be aliens in this world. But most importantly you cant forget about who you are when doing this. When i say update yourself i mean build onto who you are making you an all around better person. Theres no telling what kind of knowledge you are missing out on that could benefit you more then it will hurt you. But only closed mindedness will keep you from this. Lets live free with open minds and with the help of the man upstairs let your wings fly.

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