April 17, 2009

Living Proof Magazine

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on one of these. I can read it online but its something about actually having the publication in my hands for my own eyes to witness. To me this is like a modern day Avant Garde a publication of Art and Knowledge. And the best thing about it is it's free. Here it is in there own words.
"At Living Proof™ we like to think of ourselves as a publication rather than a magazine. We've found that while the printed word can't keep up with the computer screen and word spreads like the plague through ethernet cables, we'll still release our own version of a "magazine." Rather than just a mere trend report, we've cultivated Living Proof™ into a basic book of facts, knowledge, stories, and pretty pictures designed to easily slide between the Encyclopedia and the entire Pantone Library on a book shelf instead of winding up in the plastic casket that is a trash can. Best of all, Living Proof™ is completely free! Pick one up if you see one. It won't cost you a cent. As a small format magazine (5" x 7") we'd rather turn up on counters and window sills in art galleries, apparel boutiques, and record stores than get fondled, shuffled, clustered, lost, skipped over, and rusty while jockeying for position in the wooden deathtrap that is the magazine rack at most bookstores."
For More Click Here: http://www.livingproofmag.com/

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