March 11, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

This was just a random thought but i just had to let it out. While i'm paying homage to myself and other artist of the world, I would like to draw my attention to the greatest Artist/Creator that anyone has ever known and thats GOD. In my eyes GOD is the greatest Artist period. Look at the things around you the trees, clouds, water, stars, sun, and the moon. These are some the greatest pieces of work that god has given us to witness, art in it's puress form if you ask me. I feel like im blessed to have the gift of creativty, this gift makes me feel like i am really apart of him. The greatest creator known to man gives me the gift to create art and impact people with my work is the greatest feeling in the world I know that i'm learning more and more creativity wise but i feel like i've learned from the best. Thats why i talk to God everyday hoping to learn more and try to say this prayer before I start each day.

"Dear God, as I begin this day Let me turn my thoughts to you and ask Your help in guiding me In everything I say and do. Give me the patience that I need To keep my piece of mind, And with life's cares, I hope, Dear God, Some happiness to find. Let me live but for today, Not worrying what's ahead, For I have trust that You will see I get my "Daily Bread". Give me the courage to face life's trials And not from troubles run, Let me keep this thought in mind, "Thy will, not mine, be done." And if some wish I do not get Though I have prayed to Thee, Help me to believe and understand You know what's best for me. I've failed You many times, I know, But when tonight I rest, I hope that I can kneel and say "Dear God, I've tried my best."

GOD is Love & Love is God .

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