May 06, 2009

Light Night Flick: Almost Famous

I was up late the other night, typically when I stay up late you will find me watching some of the most random but the most entertaining movies around. This night the movie Almost Famous caught my attention and to my surprise it was very good. The movie is about a teenage rock and roll journalist named William Miller who is trying to get into the industry of journalism by writing for his local rock magazine in San Diego despite his mothers wishes for him to go into law. The magazine Rolling Stones came across one his articles and this is where his journey begins. From here he decided to write about the rock band Stillwater for Rolling Stones Cover article. When he began to work with the band they pushed him to the side calling him the "Enemy" because of how most journalist displays most artist. The only thing the band wanted was for him to make them look cool. But that's wasn't what he was trying to do, he embraced everything that was happening as he traveled the rode with the band and wrote about everything he seen, from one of the band mates acid trips to the bands struggles to stay together. It was too much reality for the band to handle, but they were on this constant search too find something REAL. What they didn't understand was that the truth of their lives would set them free. I advise everyone to check this movie out its very entertaining and its worth every minute.

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