February 22, 2009

Enter The Dragon

I'm sitting here watching T.V. and what do you know the best martial arts movie of all time is on, ENTER THE DRAGON. I remember watching this movie almost every other day when i was younger i basically grew up on this movie. R.I.P. Bruce Lee he died six days before the movie was released.
Enter the Dragon or The Deadly Three, which was originally titled Blood and Steel is a 1973 American martial arts film directed by Robert Clouse; starring martial artist Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly. It is the last completed film Bruce Lee was in before he died. It was the first kung fu film to have been made by a major Hollywood studio. The film is largely set in Hong Kong. The finished version of this film was significantly different from the original screenplay drafts as Bruce Lee revised much of the script himself, he also written and directed the film's opening Shaolin Temple fight sequence. Lee wanted to use the film as a way for expressing what he saw as the beauty of his Chinese culture, rather than it being just another action movie.

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